Intellectual Property

CONEXA PARTNERS has partnered with the top IP specialists in the LATAM region. Our experience and specialization in these areas allow us to offer our clients the centralization of their regional portfolios of intellectual property and sanitary registrations in a single point of contact. Our goal is to provide practical strategies and comprehensive, tailored solutions with sensitivity to the budgetary needs of our clients.  CONEXA PARTNERS includes advice in the following areas:

Intellectual Property (IP): Portfolio management in all areas of IP: searches, applications and registrations, trade names, advertising signs and slogans, oppositions, specialized trademark litigation (counterfeits, infringements, etc.), invention patents, designs and utility models, industrial designs, renewals, surveillance services and expiration alerts, registration of industrial secrets (trade secrets), advice and development of trademark protection strategies, enforcement of intellectual property rights, field investigations, actions in borders, customs inspections, filing criminal complaints, etc.

Regulatory / Sanitary Registration: Sanitary registration processes for food, chemical products, CBD, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hygienic products, equipment, and biomedical material, veterinarians, among others, before the corresponding health authorities. We advise regulatory compliance, labeling, metrology, and health surveillance strategies.

Copyright and related rights: We offer advice on drafting all types of contracts referring to the right of copyright and trade secrets, technology transfer, copyright registration, licensing, etc.

Domain Names: Registration, control, and monitoring of domain names; trademark infringements in domain names, arbitration proceedings before the WIPO in case of violations, etc.

We provide advice and protection of intellectual property rights and regulatory law in Costa Rica and abroad through a consolidated network of the first order in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. We also work in the member countries of the European Community and most Asian countries.