Free Trade Zones & Nearshoring

Costa Rica’s Free Trade Zone (“FTZ”) regime has proven to be one of the more significant assets of the country that keeps attracting foreign direct investment. During the SARS-COV2 pandemic, the only economic sector showed resistance and growth. The regime grants benefits that vary from unique customs treatments to tax exemptions on income tax, dividend distribution tax, VAT, capital repatriation, remittances, importations, etc. Different Industries from specialized technological enterprises to share service centers, RD centers, or first level manufacturing of various industries are the beneficiaries of this regime. The FTZ it’s the natural ecosystem for NEARSHORING projects that could benefit from Costa Rica’s:

  1. Labor cost savings (in comparison with the USA or Europe)
  2. Geographic proximity to the US
  3. Already home for many multinational companies
  4. High education
  5. Rank in innovation
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Political stability

CONEXA PARTNERS will connect with your business to guide you through all aspects of the FTZ regime, including application, operation, daily advice, expansion, changes, permits, terminations, etc.