Corporate Legal Services & General Counsel Services

Commercial law is one of CONEXA PARTNERS’ main areas of practice. We are aware that this branch of law is intertwined with our daily lives, but in order for companies to be established, grow and prosper, they need an environment that guarantees that contracts will be honored, structures will be stable and competition will be fair; in essence, that the rules will be respected. That is why at CONEXA PARTNERS we understand, create and enforce those rules.

We are different from other law firms, in terms of business law, because lawyers with AAA experience in-house are part of our team. We understand that General Counsel’s or Heads of Legal Departments have to show superior performance in the management of their internal and external resources, that is why we know how to effectively manage all resources creating value for your business. Implementing: business intelligence, financial management, business and supplier management, information governance, administrative knowledge, optimization and organizational health, project management, service models, strategic planning, and technology.

We also know how to run legal divisions, because we have more than two decades of experience leading legal departments from small companies to Fortune 100 leaders, and have been part of business decisions of all shapes and sizes for many years.

We have also received awards from different organizations such as: Latin America Corporate Counsel Association (“CCA”) for leading the best legal department in Latin America. We are members of the CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium).

Our General Legal Services division is ready to become your in-house legal department without the associated labor costs. We are also ready to provide lawyers attached to your business and recruit new lawyers for your team with a deep knowledge of the legal industry and the internal needs of any business. In addition, we can assist you in structuring the family estate, sorting out and minimizing risks of potential disputes across the board.

We are here to connect you with the best business and legal solutions to operate your legal department and create value for your business, related to:

  • Legal and business advice for day-to-day operations, crisis management and business continuity situations.
  • Drafting and execution of any relevant commercial agreements.
  • Board of Directors or Independent Advisory Board memberships.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Sale and purchase of assets.
  • Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Goodwill sales.
  • Business Divestment.
  • Corporate Recovery and Restructuring.
  • Foreign Investment.
  • Corporate Reorganizations.
  • Good Corporate governance.