Compliance & Esg

Compliance is the foundation of any business. A good program it’s a facilitator and a differentiator for any company or individual. If the rules of behavior and engagement are clear, your business will be on top of your industry. Understanding internal and external risks, it’s a must. We will help you to understand and implement legal compliance requirements. We will assist you with internal investigations and be immediately on call in case of compliance-related dawn raids (e.g., competition law).  CONEXA PARTNERS can help you with the following:

  • Drafting and implementing a Compliance Program tailored to your business, purpose, and needs
  • Developing, implementing, and training in Corporate Governance
  • Business transactions exposed to risks: Monitoring, especially in critical countries
  • Business partner compliance: Verifying potential business partners
  • Support with internal investigations.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations increasingly influence business.  ESG is a considerable part of the UN’s sustainable development goals.  CONEXA PARTNERS it’s ready to provide clients with advice and market intelligence as they steer the opportunities and challenges related to ESG and impact investing across the investment and operational life cycles. We connect with clients to develop strategies tailored to their unique circumstances and goals.